Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maiden Voyage

Unless I've calculated incorrectly, there's at least one pair of scissors in each room of my house except the living room. The kitchen wins the prize for the most scissors. Like one or more per drawer. They're just so........cutting edge. From opening bottles and snipping pieces of bacon to the emergency hair trimming or tag removal, a good pair of scissors close at hand is a necessity. Not to even mention the stash in the sewing room. I dream of Edward Scissorhands-like dexterity. We'll get to the sewing, what's happening in the kitchen, and in my study. Ooooooh, the books, travel logs, snippets of favorite art, pieces of music, things that we think, process and talk about. All hopefully from the Christian worldview that we pray to live by grace.
But then the whole running with scissors thing is fairly illustrative of my personality bent. Running with scissors is about as reckless as I get. Case in point. I just opened (with great trepidation) a can of chili beans IN CHILI GRAVY. What if they're not tastey? What if they ruin my pot of chili? Oh no! Running with scissors! I like routine, safety and predictability, all the while professing with great gusto that I belong to a Sovereign God who directs all of His creatures and all of their actions.
So why not run? With scissors? And write about it along the way.

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