Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Count of Winston-Salem

We knew it from the beginning. It was obvious. He was his parents' son. This is Jack (when he was a little tapper) who belongs to one of my daughters affectionately known as "Math Girl." BC (before children) she taught AB and BC Calculus. On purpose. Math Girl is married to a mechanical engineer who designs the intricate innerds of 18-wheelers. I don't do numbers, so I don't understand.

Case in point. Last time I was visiting them in Winston-Salem, Math Girl's husband was describing for us at the dinner table the method some man at the office used to teach the other math geniuses how they could multiply large numbers using their fingers as calculators. It was something like multiply the number of fingers on the left hand times the number on the right hand, subtract the first four numbers of the left hand and divide by the square root of South Dakota. Math is Greek to me. Then just for funzies, Math Girl and her husband figured out in a matter of minutes what equation one would use to make this finger thing work. Let's just say I was puzzled.

Well, no wonder little Jack exhibits the same love and amazement for numbers. Just this weekend his momma asked him how much his headache hurt. His reply? "If you divide it into five equal parts, one being the worst and five the best, it's at 2." A few hours later it was at 3 1/2 and then sometime during the Wii event Jack came out on top as a perfect ten. Pain divided into five equal parts?

Jack's mathematical anticipation of Baby Charlotte's first birthday was revealed in this drawing of his idea of the perfect birthday cake. Of course, that's Charlotte seated in her high chair giving wild applause in response to the cake.

Only Jack, son of Math Girl, would devise an illustrated 22 step plan for his mother to use to make and decorate the cake for Baby Charlotte.

But the boy knows what he's talking about and so does Math Girl. Here's the cake. Anyone who can effortlessly divide pain into five equal parts can surely do something as simple as design a cake. Cake today, truck innerds tomorrow. He's Da Man!

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  1. At least, it appears Math Girl inherited your confectionary skills -- and Da Man must have some of your creativity genes, as well! ;)