Sunday, January 2, 2011

It is Finished

Maybe I'm just getting grumpy. But even before the Christmas turkey is cold the "Year in Review" and "New Year's Resolutions" columns begin to appear. From the infamous to the notorious, from cataclysmic sports events to political catastrophies, it's all there for us to see in rewind. And then without pressing the pause button we're to fast forward into the new year resolving to eat less and exercise more, spend less and give more, watch less and read more, lots of less and much more of more. It's sort of a holiday whip lash. I'm not opposed to constructive reflection (for I have been abundantly blessed in spite of my sin) nor am I unwilling to set goals (for goals are never met that are never set). But I have repeatedly thought and meditated on two phrases the last few days. "It is finished" and "He resolutely set His face toward Jerusalem."
The old year is finished. It is over. With all of its providences bright or dark, all of our choices wise or less than, all of the sweetest blessings or memories of difficulties, it is finished. And so we are urged to resolve to do better or more next year. Lose weight. Be nice. Read the bible. Nothing wrong with any of those, it's just that by the first of February we run out of steam for the list of "I resolve to." That brings me to Luke 9:51. "Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that Jesus resolutely set His face to go to Jerusalem." Jesus resolved to go and to do what the Father had ordained. "I have come to do the will of Him who has sent me and to finish His work." Oh that my resolve, my resolution would be that of Jesus and my Father in heaven. Our resolutions are about us, about me, my work, my weight, my efforts. Jesus' resolution and impending exodus was about fulfilling the word of the prophets that He would go to purchase the redemption of His people. To provide for us the "It is finished."
Perhaps we should therefore resolve not in light of perceived past failures or successes, but in light of the Greatest of Resolutions. To set our face toward whatever purpose God has for our lives this year. At the end of 2011," It is finished" may yield greater glory for God.


  1. Amen! Can't wait to go read your other posts...

  2. i'm so thankful you started a blog!!! thanks, shirley!

  3. I love your blog already! I've laughed out loud and been spurred on toward the goal of glorifying the Lord (& crushing my idol). And by the way, I totally agree with your comments about having a good pair of scissors at hand...and one of my favorite gifts from Brad this Christmas was a new pair! I know your blog will be one I thoroughly enjoy!! Thanks for sharing with us!!