Thursday, January 6, 2011

See Spot Run! Run, Spot! Run!

I thought about using the Shakespeare spot quote, but decided against it. Which of us has not been vexed by a spot on an especially treasured garment. Lady MacBeth, our deepest sympathies are with you, girl.
Here's the magic solution recipe for removing nearly any spot or stain, for restoring yellowed lace and fine fabrics to their original stark whiteness and for giving you the freshest, that's another product.
Mix 2 tablespoons each of Clorox II, Zout, and Oxyclean in a basin of water. Soak the garment for about six hours, checking every so often just to see how things are going. Repeat until the stain is gone. If your garment is white and the stain especially stubborn, lay the unrinsed wet garment out in the sun. That usually does the trick. Rinse and then launder as usual.
Of course, there's a story to go with the magic solution. Pictured above is the gown each of my girls wore for their baptism and now their children have been baptized into the covenant family wearing it, too. I had gathered all of the required ingredients for the soaking procedure and had just poured it all into the sink in the bathroom between our kitchen and what we call the "baby room." Suddenly my husband called to me from outside and for whatever reason, we needed to immediately jump in the car and run out to the lake. About an hour and a half later when we returned and opened the back door an unusually crisp and clean fragrance welcomed our arrival and we couldn't help but notice the two inches of water covering the kitchen floor. Can you believe that one of us left the house with the water running in the bathroom sink? Mr. Job, to whom I am married, calmly left for Home Depot's rental facility while I tried in vain to maintain my composure. I did fine till my sympathetic son-in-law called and then we had an additionally sizeable amount of tears to mop up. The gown looked great. The carpet, eh, not so good. But boy is that gown white!


  1. This "recipe" beautifully restored my 29 year old yellowed wedding veil to a soft ivory for my daughter, Ann, to wear at her wedding! Thank you again, Shirley!!!

  2. My pleasure! Got to keep our brides (and their mamas) happy!