Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Runs With Turtles

Just an update here concerning the perilous existence of the box turtle. Yesterday as I was driving through the delta out of the blue appeared DOZENS and I mean DOZENS of box turtles moseying across Highway 49W just north of Belzoni. "I told you!" I exclaimed tho' there was none to hear me but the turtles. "I told you they needed to be picked up!" And they did. Mr. Farmer Somebody was in the process of draining his catfish pond, blissful "shell-ter" to all of these now homeless testudines. Those which were still alive anyway. The remainder of them having shall I
All together now. Pickin' up turtles, put 'em in your pocket. Pickin' up turtles, put 'em in your pocket......

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