Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simply Irresistable

You can't have them. Just wanted to make that clear from the get-go.
These are two of my favorite people in the world. They are my local grandbuddies, Prince Charlie on the left and his brother, King of the Birthdays, Benjamin. He just turned four Sunday with a blue cake and everything including about 800 pounds of wooden blocks.
I didn't know much about boys after having had three girls, so these grandsons have been not only fun, but good for my education. For instance:
*Boys devour an incredible amount of food. They are the cutest, sweetest swarm of locusts I've ever known.
*Boys have an interesting aroma from day one. All they have to do is think about going outside and they smell like sunshine.
*Boys have an innate ability to make a wide variety of mechanical noises and other sounds that my mother told me not to talk about in public.
*Boys can take the knee out of a new pair of jeans just moments after pulling them on.
*Boys do not feel compelled to come inside to use the bathroom.
*Boys don't sit down often or for long.
*Boys think up cool projects like making a satellite dish out of an umbrella.
*Boys think that a good decoration for their room would be a zip-line.
*Boys are not as concerned with getting clean at bath time as they are with practicing their diving skills.
*Boys are just as sweet, lovable, cute and delightful as any little girl ever was.
Just ask me. I have three of them. And I wonder what I ever did without them.

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