Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twirlies for the Girlies

So much fabric. So little time. This year's crop of spring fabrics is as we would say too too faboo. How much fun would it be to stand at the cutting table at the fabric store and say, "I'll have one of everything, please." Then I would break the sound barrier getting home to cut out skirts, dresses, bubbles for the baby, pull on pants, bloomers, and bonnets and I'd forget all about cooking supper for Spike. That would not be good. These are my twirlie girlies. I'm warning you. If you look at them too long you'll want them to come live with you and I'm not very good at sharing.

This cutie patootie is Emily who lives in North Carolina. When I go to visit she and I love to each put in one ear bud for my ipod and watch my art dvds. Or make chocolate pies or strawberry crepes. Emily even shared her crepe recipe with me.

Here's her little sister Charlotte who is hilarious and gives her mama and daddy a run for their money. She has two dollies. One is named Baby Miller after her cousin. The other is named Babysit. Watch out. She's one sharp little tack.

This little blondie is Meg who lives only five minutes away. She is our champion fish catcher. Last night Pop cooked up the big catfish Meg caught all by herself. And then just to display her varied interests she serenaded us with "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on her violin. Supper and dinner music in one night.

About the fabric and sewing. Using this really cute and fairly easy pattern that I found at Continental Sewing here in Jackson I made the little twirlie skirts for the girlies. They still enjoy having a matching outfit for the spring when they are together. The fabric is Apricot Fizzy Bubbles and its companion fabrics that you can see at http://www.hawthornethreads.com/.

But wait a minute. What about her? Remember my warning about looking too long. This is Squirrely Shirley Girlie, our baby dumplin' from Oxford. And she's too little for a twirlie skirt just yet. But as soon as I get the pattern she'll have her little bubble to match her cousins.

In the meantime Shirley Cate is Miss Fancy Pants with this little outfit from Kwik Sew pattern #3035 in Love Birds by My Mind's Eye. Instead of facings I lined the little top with the bloomer fabric. If the lining part gives you heartburn and if I ever figure out how to format this blog I could try post some step by step photos on how to do that.

I also added three rows of ruffles to the bloomers because Shirley Cate is a rufflie kind of girl. She NEEDS ruffles. I guess you could holler about the ruffles, too, and I'll do some pictures. How about this deal. I'll do pictures of how to not follow pattern directions if one of y'all will do pictures of how to format these crazy blogs. Deal? Let me know.

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