Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Not Easy Liking Green...

...if you're Spike that is. He calls most anything green, leafy, or crunchy "weird stuff." When we married I had to radically adjust my culinary repertoire. No asparagus, broccoli, green pepper, fresh green beans, leaf lettuces, cucumber, etc. We won't even get into the yellow or orange category. "Did your mom ever cook any of those vegetables?" His matter of fact response, "Why would she cook weird stuff? She cooked normal food." That's okay. He and I have worked this out.
Having just come in from Fresh Market with my leafy, green, crunchy fix, Spike noticed the sugar snap peas and in his inimitable form asked if they were Nazi peas. Nazi peas? Are they that bad? Evil peas? As I lined up my ingredients for this little side dish Spike was making final preparations for his Saturday lunch and I noticed a significant trend. He doesn't like green but he certainly likes another color.

 He wanted to know if I could put his photo on the blog. Red hot dogs.

And the obvious.
 If you ever see Spike eating one of these please call some form of emergency personnel immediately. There is something drastically wrong and he may require resuscitation. Once Mary James talked him into (it's pretty hard to tell Mary James no) tasting a fried green tomato. I had a defibrillator on hand just in case and then made a nice donation to the Tomato Farmers of America in Mary James' honor. How did she get him to taste those tomatoes? Spike DOES NOT eat tomatoes nor does he taste food items that he has not eaten in the past 55 years.
But, he LOVES ketchup. I cannot explain this tomato phenomenon.

Food in red containers is his specialty.
And his favorite red food of all which he has taught his very young grandchildren to salivate over. They call it Saturday Supper. The phone should be ringing shortly with a little voice on the other end wondering aloud if there will be Saturday Supper tonight. Yes, there will. Meg will be here. Please don't tell her brothers what we're eating tonight or there will be much gnashing of teeth.

Just in case you couldn't already tell since he and I are pretty much carbons of one another, this is my brother Jack. My very favorite, much loved, so fun to be with, I miss him terribly brother Jack. See? We're twinsies.
He loves green, leafy, crunchy food items and called me with the following recipe which started all of this. We'll call it:
Tasty Weird Stuff.
1 package fresh sugar snap peas
1 package baby gourmet cucumbers
1 box grape or cherry tomatoes
the zest and juice of one lemon
1/4 cup olive oil
2 pinches coarse ground sat
a little bit of fresh chopped dill to taste

Combine lemon zest and juice in a small bowl

Whisk in the olive oil and set aside
Blanch the sugar snap peas in boiling water for about a minute and a half. Drain and plunge in ice water.

Pour dressing over sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Let chill about 30 minutes.

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