Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Dreamed a Dream

In my dreams Spike would walk through the front door and say, "Shirl, you need to take a few days off and go somewhere fun." I wouldn't argue. Not for a second. Then he'd say, "Call the girls and y'all take the little girls on a girl trip." If for whatever reason they couldn't go, I'd call Cindy, Tish and Tricia and tell them they have one hour and 20 minutes to get ready to meet me at gate D3. Actually, since we're dreaming, I'd get Cindy, Tish and Tricia and their girls to go, too. That would be a perfect dream.

Eight hours later we'd be checking in at 13 Rue des Ecoles on the Left Bank. We wouldn't even care if our rooms weren't ready because we have a routine. Drop the bags and across the Pont de L'Archeveche (The Archbishop's Bridge) and.....

.....voila! You end up behind Notre Dame Cathedral. It just takes your breath away. The first time I got to Paris I kept my eyes closed once the taxi got into the city center until we arrived at the hotel. I didn't want to see anything big for the first time from a taxi window. This was my first glimpse of something BIG. So, the routine is to walk by Notre Dame and across the street to......

...St. Chapelle. We'll go inside another day. Louis the 9th built this to house the crown of thorns. After cruising around the old palace grounds we may stop somewhere to watch the world go by or maybe to peruse....
...the market at St. Germain. It's open on Sunday afternoon and that's a good time to arrive in Paris. Looking at all of the delicious, colorful food makes one hungry for a treat.

So pick out one or two or ten or twenty. Haven't had a bad one yet though I do have favorites.

Anything would taste good wrapped up like this. Your first day in Paris is not a good time to try to order a mille feuille. The clerks behind the counter will laugh at your pronunciation. It's the feuille part that gives you fits.

No. The Arch de Triomphe is not on the agenda for that first afternoon. Unless W is there. If he is, then in my dream we would walk over there. After all, everything in Paris is within walking distance. (According to us.) Taking any more taxis is prohibited until it's time to head back to the airport.

Now it would be time for a light supper and that always happens at Cafe Bonaparte right across from the church St. Germain-des-Pres. The goat cheese salad is to die for. I'm dreaming of one right now.

With a bowl of real French onion soup. Talk about comfort food. Especially if in your dream trip you arrive in November.
In my dream trip it's getting dark and we're all feeling as if we've been awake for about 100 hours, which we have, but who cares since it's a dream? Gotta get those walking legs going just a little longer so why not walk by the Louvre at night. It's a beautiful sight.
If you pay attention you might spy something you recognize through the windows at the Louvre. I never ever dreamed I'd be window peeping at the Louvre. But there she is!
The first afternoon and evening of my dream trip has been delightful. The girls all enjoyed it, too. But we're very tired and ready for a good night's sleep. There's a lot to do tomorrow. But for now, it's sweet dreams. In my dream trip.

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