Monday, May 23, 2011

String Theory

From my latest catalog: "Wouldn't you love to understand string theory at a deeper level than is available from popular articles or even book-length treatments? Aren't you eager to look over the shoulder of a prominent string theorist at work-one who has a gift for explaining the subject to non-scientists and who has created computer -generated images to help make the concepts clear?" Ummm, no. Not really. Fermat's Theorem, matrices and Markov chains, transfinite numbers. I try to avoid those kinds of thoughts.
In the world of Runs With Scissors this is what string theory is about. Organizing my embroidery thread. For years I've kept hundreds of skeins of thread tucked away in numbered envelopes inside an old shoe box. Necessity is the grandmother of invention. Then I made the mistake of browsing the shelves at a craft store and noticed their string theory. So with a half off coupon I tried it.
For several days the after supper and the dishes I got all wound up. Around and around and around these cards went my threaded fingers. Spike tells me I get wound up a lot.

Of course, mais oui, I have floss cards from France. These are far more beautiful so I just keep them for fun on the bedside table in the guest room upstairs.
When you have wound and wound and wound all of the cards and placed them in the container which Spike thinks, by the way would be great for fishing weights, bobbers, and hooks, you end up with this:

One of my sewing heroes uses this same string theory. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that Salley Mavor over at keeps her thread the same way.

Makes me feel a little better. I am a novice.  Salley is the consummate pro, the uber-threader, the one over whose shoulder I would want to look when it comes to string theory. Buy her books and keep her rolling.
We want Salley to continue to crank out scenes like this:
And carriages for our babies the likes of which you have never seen. Does your baby's carriage have acorn tops for wheels? Me thinks not.

Right now Salley is stitching away on her panoramic vista called "Rabbitat." Can you even begin to fathom how many French knots make up the gorgeous mossy lawn?
I'd like to visit the Rabbitat. I'd like to visit Salley. That's another kind of dream trip. I'd call Weezie and tell her she has exactly one hour and twenty minutes to meet me at J-Town International because we're going to meet Salley and try not to drool on her incredible art. Weezie and I ooh and ahh over all she can do.
This is for sure what I'd call The Joy of String Theory. Want to sign up for class?

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  1. My mom and grandmother kept their threads stored like that--it was delicious to behold and I was constantly reprimanded for playing with the strings. Those illustrations are delicious, too!