Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grandparenting: Which Would You Rather?

When the little grandpeeps and I are in the car we have a grand time. Once Spike and I played the DVD player for them but only once. Car time is listening, thinking, talking time. Yes, we play old school games like My Grandfather Has a Grocery Store and I Spy, but we play other games and have great conversations, too.

Not long ago I had the two little bubbas in the back seat.
Three year old Benj piped up, "Hey Charlie. When you're driving the car all you do is follow the way the road goes and then you get to go where you're going. That's what I do when I drive the car. Hey Charlie. Want to smell my breath?"
"No, Benjamin. Nobody wants to smell your breath."
"Uh huh! Momma wants to smell my breath all the time. And if you drive the way the road goes that's how you get where you're going. That's how I drive."
Sometimes we say the catechism questions. But not ALL the time. The answers can be frightening while in the car. Just ask Meg.

"Grammy, if God is everywhere does that mean He's in the front seat or the back seat?"
"He's in the front seat AND the back seat of EVERY car ALL the time."
"Ohhhhh." Followed by a long period of awestruck silence.

You remember Jack of Eiffel Tower Museum fame.
When I'm in Winston-Salem Jack and I pick out houses for Pop and me just pretending we would buy one. "That looks like a good one, Grammy. It has a big driveway that'll hold all of the cars." Or, "There's one! No, that won't work. The yard's too little." It's good to get them thinking...."That one's perfect! I could stop at your house when I get off the bus from school." Or, "I don't think there are enough bedrooms in that house where everyone could be there at the same time." Atta boy, Jack. He knows his grammy is all about everyone being home at the same time. 
But our very favorite game is "Would You Rather."
The game goes something like this:
Which would you rather? Ice cream or cupcake? (Let's say Charlotte chooses cupcake.)
Which would you rather? Cupcake or peaches?
Which would you rather? Peaches or corn?
Which would you rather? Corn or popcorn?
Popcorn or a movie?
A movie or a book?
Narnia or Desperaux?
Desperaux or Ratatouille?
Ratatouille or Cinderella?
Going to the ball or going to the beach?

You get it. It's fun to watch how their little minds work. How hard is it to make a choice? Can you match up similar groups, categories, or make a logical leap to another? Now it's your turn to give me some choices. Read a book or cook supper.
That one's easy.

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