Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Remember the Day When We....

Funny how our minds work. The way that days and events are filed away in the cerebral SIM card and come spilling out years later. Like the day my uncle married and my sister and I helped him wash his car. Why was that so remarkable that over 50 years later I can still pull it up and see it clearly? One Thanksgiving my brother was performing magic tricks with my mother's gorgeous blue-gray dinner napkins and caught one on fire waving it over the candlestick. The parental fireworks following said inferno were understandably memorable but I love the mental picture of Jack waving that napkin over the flame.

I wonder if the little Beilmans will remember our adventures from last week. Spike and I had enough fun with them to last a lifetime.
We picnicked on the Blue Ridge Parkway just over the Virginia line on our way to Cana and some pretty fine cherry picking.

We loved the sign that read, "If the ladder shifts, hold on and go with the ladder."  We figured that meant that hopefully the ladder would get hung up on a lower branch thereby keeping you from falling more than 25 or 30 feet.
For nimble-footed Jack, the most productive route was up the trunk itself. Who needs a ladder when you're nearly 10?
Or 37?
Peter and Emily devised their own sure fire system. I wonder if she'll remember this when she's 58? By then I'll be 108. But I'll WANT to remember this.
The object was not only to pick a bucket-full of cherries, but to change the color of one's skin simultaneously. Success.
"Dad, remember when we went to Virginia to pick cherries and my hands stayed red for three weeks?"
Or will they remember wandering the labyrinth of gardens at Reynolda, the R.J.R. Reynolds estate in Winston-Salem?
With cabbages as big as a basketball.
Zinnias that were so hot pink they almost burned your eyes to look at them.
Sunflowers that bloom each with their own bumble bee. Perfect.
And two little girls who mimic the sculptured lion fountains in the garden.
Yes, it was a roaring good time. Sweet as......a cherry!


  1. oh my! looks like y'all had a blast! can't wait to hear more!

  2. Thanks Anna and Katy. Really lots of fun.