Tuesday, July 26, 2011

La Fin du Tour de France: The Paris Lunch

The only touring de France I'll be doing this year will be from the comfort of my home in my cache of photos, on the pages of books, flaneuring via street view on google maps. Quel dommage. But we make up for it watching the Tour amazed by the incredible athletes, trying to figure out the rules and colored jerseys, keeping up with the Peloton and taking in the sights of Carcassonne, Montpelier, Alpe-D'Huez and Grenoble. Then comes the ceremonial entry into Paris around the Obelisk of Luxor on the Place de la Concorde, down the Rue de Rivoli past the luxurious Hotels Crillon and Meurice, and up the cobbled Camps-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe and the yellow jersey. It's a fun day in Paris. Like Sabrina Fair once said, "Paris is always a good idea." So we celebrate the Fin du Tour and all things Paris with our Paris Lunch. It takes several days' preparation.
After all, there are chocolate macarons to be "macronaged."

And Eiffel Tower cookies to be baked and iced.

Chocolate Eiffel Towers never go out of style. Tres chic.

And decorations. Oh! The decorations!

Parisian candles and pint sized Paris journals.

Paris place mats and little cafe plates that my sweet friends find and know exactly where they will enjoy a happy home. Chez moi.

French flash cards, trivia cards and yes, Marie Antoinette action figures.

What? You don't have one? Meg asked me what the button on the back was for. I anticipated this. "When you press the button her head flies off." I knew that response was insufficient in its detail. "Marie Antoinette was a queen in France that a lot of people didn't like, so they chopped her head off." Meg's eyes that are normally as large as saucers morphed into the size of dinner plates.
 "Did this happen recently?"
 I love that girl. Here she is in her official Paris Lunch outfit several years ago. She and I are partners in Paris crime. She's so adorable it's down right criminal. I want to spread her on a cracker.

But then this face is pretty hard to resist, too. Our own King Charles.

And Shirley Cate was present to celebrate her very first Paris lunch. Smart girl she is. Born the last week of the Tour. And wearing her French poodle bubble. She knows how to capture her Grammy's heart.

And extra tres bien was that Grandmuver could be with us for the weekend. We never like to have too much fun without her. Meg and Erin are trying to keep it down on that side of the table. Meg is seven. Erin is seven and then some.

One of my dreams is that one day all of us girls will go to Paris together. Bunny, Emily and Charlotte, too. Jack asked what the guys would do when the girls go to Paris. "You can go to a ball game," suggested Emily. Atta' way, Em. But just getting to have such fun in my dining room is pretty much a dream come true.

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