Friday, October 7, 2011

Wannabes: It's Not Just Trick or Treat

My little friend, AP, has her mind all set. It's Spiderwoman for sure and next time I need a superhero I'm calling her. Everyone should have a friend like AP who is obviously full of spunk and life, hilarious, and the go-to girl if you need to be rescued. Our Charlie boy thought for a while that he wanted to be Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Corinthians." His mama tried to convince him that it was Caribbean, but he insisted it's Corinthians.
A few years ago I noticed  what  I thought was another wannabe trend. But this had to do with architecture in my little town of Madison, Mississippi. We have a mayor who is a stickler for building codes and allowing only asthetically pleasing commercial buildings. Our first service station has Corinthian columns (there we go again with those Corinthians) and so does the Wal-Mart. Mayor Mary fought with Wal-Mart for years before they gave in to the brick and columns.
Then this started going up and I thought the design looked rather familiar.

I had just returned home from a trip to France and thought hmmm,

it's not as elegant as the Louvre, but it sure is a Louvre wannabe.
Who wouldn't wannabe?

Just a mile or two down the road is our tres Frenchie cell phone tower. You may think I have my cities confused and that this is a Washington Monument wannabe. Mais non. I know better than that.

It's an Obelisk of Luxor from the Place de la Concorde. Not much has changed. Both obelisks were rolled into place. Can you guess which tower is less than ten years old and which tower is more than 3200 years old? You gotta hand it to the French. They know how to hang on to antiques.

If you drive one mile south of the Luxor Look Alike, lo, and behold at the Renaissance (the "shopping spender" as Meg calls it) another structure began to take shape. I knew it when I saw it the first time.

Sure enough. It's Paris all over again. Why not just go to the shopping spender instead of going to all that trouble buying plane tickets, practicing saying "s'il vous plait," etc?

Why, I can even pretend to be in Paris while I'm at the Madison CVS.

Though for whatever reason there is no observation deck at the CVS.
"Convenience Value Service" and no observation deck? I guess I'm a demanding customer.
Observation deck please, monsieur.

And just what, pray tell, would there be to see from the CVS observation deck?
The new 54,000 square foot Kroger.
 It's gigantic. It's ornate.
The first time I saw it I thought, "Wow! It looks like a train station."

Sure enough. A lot like this train station, the Gare du Nord, in Paris mais oui.

And I haven't even gotten to our Pont Neuf. Our new bridge. Quel domage. It looks nothing like the New Bridge in Paris that's 600+ years old. Or the Office  Depot with the huge urns on the roof. Let's see, what other Frenchie stuff could we use? We're getting a new salon.
Maybe we can all start to look like this.....
...before we shop at the new Home Goods.

Madison, Mississippi. The Paris Wannabe.