Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Felt Needs: Nativity Scene

Back in July work began in earnest on a wool felt nativity scene.  Perhaps you read my post about constructing the camel, donkey, and cow. They were a challenge. Fun, but a challenge. I know when to ask for help so I enlisted my eager and able assistants.

Four year old Benjamin helped me paint urns and bowls for the Wise Men to carry their treasures as well as wooden figurines that would be used to construct the baby Jesus. We painted five little pegs. It didn't take long for Mr. Sharp Little Tack to look at me unapologetically and remark,
"Grammy, we painted five but there's only ONE Jesus."
I love that boy.

I think Charlotte likes the little felt people the most and she was eager to get to work.
Baby Jesus needed swaddling clothes. Good job, Charlotte.
Several days before arriving in Winston-Salem Jack and I began emailing about the construction of the manger. "Jack, do you think we can make one out of sticks and glue them together?"
The future engineer grandson rather instantaneously developed the plans for construction and we enjoyed sweet success following Jack's plan.
Once again, "You never know when you'll need a good stick."
Mary's apron is adorned with a little crocheted piece from Grandmuvver. I think her mama or grandmama made it. I'll have to check. Anyway, it's old. And sweet.
Joseph's stole looks like a coat of many colors. Good thing his name is Joseph. We can use him for another bible story. His hair is a ton of french knots on a piece of felt that I then glued to his head. Meg studied Joseph's hair for some time, touching it, turning him over, around and back again.
"How do you know this is what Joseph's hair looked like?"
The hair part is fine, it's the freckles that gave me pause.
The wise men are going to have to wait until next year. After all, it did take them a while to get to the stable. And Jack and I have plans for the stable, too. We just have to find another good stick.
What was that? Someone said, "You're not going to let the children play with those dolls, are you?"
Of course I am.

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