Saturday, January 7, 2012

Itch to Stitch

Sometimes I think this warning label needs to be affixed to the boxes that house new sewing machines, for sewing is pretty much an either/or kind of thing. For those who love it, sewing is therapy of sorts. For those who don't, well, let's just say I have seen sweet girls driven to tears at the prospect of having to wind a bobbin and attach side piece C to front A. It's not worth it. Find another hobby, another form of therapy, another....obsession.

My mother, who hails from a long line of seamstresses, began teaching me to sew when I was about eight years old and I have loved it ever since. Walking into a fabric store is like taking a trip to a candy store. All of those stacks and bolts of crisp colorful fabrics just set my fingers on fire!  Like these fabrics from Poppyseed which you can find here:

As soon as all of the Christmas decorations are tucked away for another 11 months, I begin plotting and planning my next sewing project. Where shall I go from here?
Look at what Aimee Ray makes over at
She is something else!
You'll want to visit her etsy store from there.

Or since there's another baby on the way, I could be useful and start on Baby Miller's layette.
 Look at these luscious blankets from
I love them.
Notice the fabulous mitered corners which remind me of how I learned to make blankets like these.
My friend, P, and I were making our maiden voyage to Paris and she explained to me on the eight hour flight how to make this blanket. I thought I understood. Our internal clocks were totally out of sync that first night and at about three in the morning I asked,
 "Are you awake?"
"Tell me again how to miter that corner."
Isn't that what everyone talks about at three in the morning?

But then I could try my hand at quilting. I've never done that.
Maybe I'd be the one winding the bobbin with tears spilling out as I connect the 4,500th piece to the remaining 8,942 pieces.
Another gorgeous piece from Cluck, Cluck, Sew.
P and I took a field trip yesterday to the fabric store. It seems that Santa brought her a serger and all she had to do was go pick it out. I'm not in the market (or I don't think I am) but I went along for moral support and to look at all of the "candy" on the shelves.
I'm pretty sure that P not only has the itch to stitch, but the urge to serge as well.

Meg is very concerned that Shirley Cate doesn't have one of these dolls and did her best to talk me into making one for her for Christmas. Maybe for her birthday this year.
They all have names.
Cynthia, Lydia and Gloria.
And then there's Sylvia at the top of my blog.

I love taking photos of sewing projects outside in the sunshine on the shrubs. Somehow that makes the colors pop. Cynthia and all of the birds nesting on the tree was inspired by Psalm 91:4. He shall cover you with His feathers. Under His wings I will trust.
Lydia is, of course, the story of the apostle Paul meeting her by the river where a group gathered to worship. She heard the message of the Gospel from Paul and she and her household (on the front of the doll) were saved.
Then there's Gloria, the song of the angels at Christmas. P and I had just met a lady in Amboise named Gloria who had wild blond hair. So does this Gloria.
Anyway, I could get started on a doll for Shirley Cate.
Got any name suggestions?

Charlotte Lyons over here:
has a host of beautiful embroidery projects that have just been calling out to me.
You must look at her blog and etsy shop.
Her samplers are incredibly beautiful, colorful, and bring a good dose of new year's cheer.
"I bring you love."
She certainly does.
You know what else is around the corner? Spring. Easter dresses and pretty spring clothes for little peeps. I could be industrious and get after that, too.
 This is my favorite little dress pattern. Children's Corner Carol.
We call it the house dress.
When you're trying to dream up appliques or embellishment for children's garments, take your sewing mind out of the box. Look for ideas in children's books, on scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, greeting cards, or in this instance, a tea towel.
Truth be told, I'm going to sew a button back on Spike's shirt and then work on bible study for Wednesday.
And when I take a break I'll go look at this and start imagining all of the cute jumpers I could make thanks to the very creative Cottage Home.
What are you itching to stitch?

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