Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No More Turkey

Our choir director once commented that singing Christmas carols after Christmas was like eating day old turkey. Enough is enough. Christmas photos could be like that, too, I guess. This is really late or actually could be seen as the first Christmas post for 2012. I'm just bobbing up for air, hence the delay and then I'm on to new things!

December begins with birthdays in our family. Erin, Pop, Peter and Grandmuvver.
Let me introduce you to another of our cherished family traditions.

And you thought the children were going to help him blow out candles.
How much fun is that?
No! They all stick their finger in the cake.
And who taught them to do this?
The original Mr. Party.

The children are not allowed to do this anywhere else for obvious reasons.
But at Pop's house it's no holes barred.

One of the best blessings of our Christmas celebration was having Grandmuvver, feeling good, health restored, full of her normal zip and zing and with us.
It took Shirley Cate approximately 7.5 seconds to get in the swing again with Grandmuvver.

Once the little Beilman children arrived the spying and bartering from the Christmas shelf began.
Charlotte eyes that little bug in a box and the selection process proves to be a nail biter for Emily.

The happy Miller family on Christmas morning before heading to church at our beloved First Presbyterian Church of Jackson. Erin's arms will be full, too, next Christmas!

"Blessed is the man whose quiver is full."
Amen, brother.
Charlie, Benj, Jack, Shirley Cate, Meg, Charlotte and Emily

 "His love has no limits, His grace has no measure,
His power no boundary known unto men;
For out of His infinite riches in Jesus
He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again."

And blessed is the girl whose stocking is full, too!

Pop would not miss being in the middle of all this for anything.

Are you ready for the next little bit of fun at our house?
It's called "Slap the Turkey."
Never slapped one?
You don't know what you're missing.

Notice the rhythmic vigor with which Emily slaps this bird.
Emily's expertise is sure to improve the bird's flavor.

Young Charles considers creating an instructional video for those reluctant to participate or mystified by the time honored tradition.
"Approach bird with caution, yet with confidence and purpose."

Slapping out the beat to a favorite song for a round of "Name That Tune" always provides a moment of levity during the stress of meal production.
In this case, the theme song to Bonanza.
Wouldn't that have been your choice?
Just notice that expert wrist motion.
Good job, Chach.

 Stay tuned (for eleven months) for the instructional post on creating this dessert,
 Boule de Neige.
That's another story involving El Dorado, Arkansas, a microwave, and a man who demonstrated how to field dress a deer on live TV.
Until then all you need to know is that each bite of this dessert fulfills your yearly requirement of chocolate, butter, and heavy cream.
If it doesn't kill you, you'll really enjoy it.

After all of the activity Benjamin chose to go incognito for a while.
I understand, Benj.

Who needs candy canes, Christmas cookies, fudge, or Boule de Neige when you've got these two gumdrops?
A sweet love fest this Christmas.

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