Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Children's Health Update

In my never ending quest to provide my grandchildren with only the most nutritious of meals, I contacted my favorite pediatrician for his advice. His recommendation was an Easter dinner rich in vitamin peep, reporting that vitamin peep is "essential and oft-neglected. (I should add that vitamin peep deficiency is reported to be on the rise. So, it's a good thing that you're supplementing." Thank you, Doctor.
Just trying to do my part for health and world peeps.
So let's look into foods rich in vitamin peep.
Readily accessible in most locales, a family outing in search of fresh, plump peeps can be
a unifying force during time off from school and work.
Remember, the fresher the peep, the higher the level of vitamin peep.
Leafy on the tree peeps are the most nutritious.

Uncooked peeps transport well and are easily eaten on the run.
Great for the smallest peeps in your family.
Peeps on a stick.
Yum. And so good for you.
Grilling peeps requires expert skill and precise timing.
The Doctor advises us to refrain from this method which also lowers the level of vitamin peep absorbed into the system.
He also advises us to steer clear of fried peeps.
While tasty and easily procured they are lacking in freshness and over consumption is always likely.
Besides, they don't have fried wings.
Fresh peeps baked in a casserole are always a family favorite.
No additional ingredients are required, making this a great low-cost, high in vitamin peep meal.
Bake at a very low temp.
Peep dip is catching on.
Colorful and satisfying.
Can't decide?


  1. you crack me up. We need S'more peeps, peeps!

    1. You have but one guess which pediatrician actually said those things.

  2. I am laughing so hard about this after our peep discussion last night! I am so glad to finally know another adult who enjoys peeps as much as me! I must tell Wiley I am not the lone one!

    1. Been working all morning in peep treats. I may even share them with the children. :)