Monday, April 2, 2012

Leaning Tower of Eiffel

This is what it looked like on Pinterest and in my dreams. The answer to Meg's request for a birthday cake with an Eiffel Tower growing up out of the top. A friend had just sent me this picture and I figured we'd just hit a homer. Gustave Eiffel would be so proud! Meg would be so happy! Meg and I  have this thing about Paris.
I began telling brainwashing her about Paris when she was but two years old. By the time she was three she knew Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Sacre Cour by sight.
Actually with this precious face she could have said North  Platte, Nebraska
 and I'd have been tickled pink.

So back to the sugar wafer Eiffel Tower.
 I assembled all of the ingredients and whipped up a batch of royal icing.
Tastes terrible but dries like concrete.
The cookies required trimming and shaping in order to achieve Effiel's architectural accuracy.

Like Gustave, precise measuring and placement would be vital to the success of the tower.

At first glance it seemed as if the tower would come together rather easily.

But then just like Jericho the walls came tumblin' down.
It seems that the icing makes the cookies soggy and further attempts to glue the tower back together
actually made it all the less stable.
Gustave, your reputation is safe.
You continue to have no rival.
Certainly not in Madison, MS.
So on to plan B. While I sat there thinking I thought I may as well do something with the 5000 sugar wafer cookies and 80 gallons of royal icing.
Have you ever bought edible Easter grass?
Please notice they didn't say tasty.
There's a difference.

Mini Oreo wheels and a few peeps later I still saw no future for myself in mechanical engineering.
Berets for the peep drivers are actually flattened gum drops.
And yes, the cookies were getting soft but being low to the ground like real Smart Cars,
they stood the test of time.
This week I'm going to try again with Vienna Cameo cookies.
When you love, love, love Paris you just happen to have Eiffel Tower candy molds on hand.
Whew! White chocolate and piece of plastic saved the day for Grammy.
And for the birthday girl, too.
Notice the ritual finger poking into the cake.
It just wouldn't be a proper birthday without poking your finger in.
Happy birthday, dear Meg.
Happy birthday to you!
That other tower would never have held up under the gust of birthday wishes.


  1. I think Plan B turned out so cute!! Some people are putting things on pinterest that they tried (by seeing it on pinterest) and failed doing!? So there you go!

  2. I have wondered if various brands of cookies might hold up better than others. Of course I went the cheepo depot route. Maybe some gourmet cookies would hold the icing better.

  3. I loved your Eiffel Tower and asked my cousin to make one for my moms 75th surprise party...he used hot glue and it turned out AMAZING. I have linked to your directions on my blog so fun!!

    1. Thanks, Karin. Yours turned out so fabulous. I bet your mom was over the top tickled with such a treat. I'm going to check out your blog, too. Thanks for writing.


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