Tuesday, May 29, 2012

39 Squares

Blogs have opened up a whole new sphere of inspiration for sewing, crafts, and art. The possibilities are endless and endlessly tempting.  39 Squares by Amy Powers from inspire co really caught my eye. She's a creative, fun idea machine.
Go to the Flicker group from the 39 Squares blog to see all of her followers' contributions. Amazing. Joann's had the linen I needed for mine and a half yard did the trick. Why don't you run buy some and we can do a 39 squares, too?

I began thinking of things I'd like to stitch on my 39 squares. There's a big difference in some of the things I'd like to stitch and what I know I can actually stitch.
 Maybe my embroidery skills will improve.

Skeins of thread, bolts of fabric, and cards of buttons are like sweets in a candy store.

Draw off a grid of 40 squares on the linen with a fabric marking pen.

Then take the plunge and begin stitching.
 I think the idea was to make each square simple enough to finish in a day.

I don't catch on very easily. There was no way to finish in a day unless I learned speed knotting and did absolutely nothing else but sew.
That would be a dream come true.
 Nothing else but sew.

All of these little knots are snuggled in mighty tight.

Every few days I may post another square or two.

Until the time comes when I have finished 39 squares.
Isn't it time to get started?
Send me your pictures!
Uh oh. I forgot the bird.

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