Monday, June 4, 2012

39 Squares Large Print Edition

Eight squares completed, 32 squares to go.
When Amy Powers posted her 39 Squares stitch-along in honor of her 40th birthday her instructions were to make 40 squares, each one inch square.
Hers is beautiful, tiny, and petite.

Her eyes are twenty years younger than mine, so I've devised the 39 Squares Large Print Edition for stitchers like me who require two inch square squares in order to see anything they're doing.
Which makes me realize I should be stitching 59 Squares since I'm about to turn the big 60.
But I'd be 80 before I could get 59 squares finished and that's too long to wait.
And I would require far too much caffeine to keep me going.

Of course you know where I'm going next.
I wish I were going here. Friends from church left yesterday afternoon for two weeks.
It was a good thing I was at church when I heard that.
I needed help with my problem with envy.
Like Sabrina says, "Paris is always a good idea."

The black-eyed Susan was fun and quick to stitch.
And now I'm on to the Mississippi River in French knots.
This may take a while.
But like Ol' Man River, I'll just keep rollin' along.

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