Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paper Sack Placemats

In two weeks my little chicks will all be back in this nest for a few days. From this photo you'd never guess that one of them smashed a tomato all over the neighbor boy, one lashed her friend to the stop sign out front and left her out there (for just a bit),  and the other one after being lectured (and spanked) for bearing false witness against her sister announced, "I'll never witness again." 
Leaping forsythia! This must be Easter 1957. Coats. Check. Hats and Mary Janes. Check. Purses and gloves. Check. Why do I have my hand on my sister's shoulder? I hope I was being sweet. The Easter Bunny always hid our baskets somewhere in the house. I finally located mine inside the clothes dryer. The gas clothes dryer. With the pilot light on. Thanks, Easter Bunny.
The little boys did lots of yard work in preparation for their cousins' arrival. They dammed up the creek in the back yard so we will have a sufficient water supply for outside fun.
Next they buried the secret treasure...the new box of sidewalk chalk which promptly became an illustration of ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Pop let them cut down a tree using garden trowels.
Pop knows how to keep 'em busy for a while.
We cut large pieces of brown paper from the roll and laid them out on the sidewalk.

Then we took the hose to the paper.
Got it soaking wet and didn't smooth it out too much.
The paper dries on the porch in the sun in a snap.

The artists got to work painting signs of spring.
I think they have the art gene.
We gathered up our paintings and took them to the office supply store to be  laminated.
Which reminds me of a story. I was making a card for my mother and needed a copy of a photo of her. I asked the employee if she could reduce the size of the photo where instead of the size of a tennis ball, my mother's face would be the size of a golf ball.
She frowned and stared and replied, "If I shrink her face, I'll have to shrink the rest of her."
This time the clerk said, "This looks like a brown paper sack."
"It is," I replied.
"I mean like a grocery sack. A paper sack."
"It is," I agreed.
I think he thought I'd lost it.
I didn't come up with this brown paper sack painting myself.
Marc Clauzade creates masterpieces on paper sack.
He's said to be the Degas of our time.
Looks a little more Renoir-ish to me.
You can see his fabulous paintings at the French Art Gallery on Royal Street in New Orleans.
Our paintings will be appearing as place mats on our dinner table over the next several weeks.
You can make these, too, not just with paint, but by cutting out pictures from cards, ads, magazines, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, paper containers...
...anywhere you see a fun, joy-filled sign of Easter and spring.
The whole idea is to spend time with the littles, to talk about Jesus, His life, death and resurrection.
 And the joy of knowing Him as our Savior.

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