Monday, July 15, 2013

Den Mother

And I'm not talking Boy Scouts. Sam and I were out in the back yard near the tree line that borders the mile-long open field behind our house. You know, the home of the interlopers. Then there was that noise, an eerie cross between a crow and a dog. I know...weird. I really thought it was a bird and looked up into the trees. Til Sam and I heard it again and then saw this shaggy, scrawny, long-legged creature about the size of Sam scurry along the fence line. Sam would have taken him on if I hadn't been dragging him back toward the house which also prevented me from snapping a photo of him. I couldn't handle the dog, the running, and a camera all at the same time. But this is what he looked like. Coyote pup.
One of the advantages of having sons-in-law is that they serve as great heroes to this mother of the bride, otherwise known as the MOB. The local, who has much more hero duty than the others, called the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries on the pronto and found out that coyote pups are generally very inquisitive, unlike their parents who would prefer to avoid human contact. Fine with me. Except I remember a few years ago when a friend down the road came home to a pack of coyotes napping in her driveway. She pulled right up to them and they couldn't have cared less. Wouldn't move a muscle. She called local law enforcement to come get them and they kindly informed her they "don't do coyotes." How about animal control? Nope? "Well," she replied, "I'll just have to shoot 'em." "Ma'am, it's illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits." "You come shoot 'em, or I will." And before too long someone showed up for coyote patrol.
A couple weeks ago this guy and his brother "accidentally" kicked Pop's basketball over the barbed wire fence into the domain of said coyote pup. Just yesterday I told their mama that they needed to put on their boots and do some investigating in the field to find Pop's basketball.  Somehow I don't think we'll be sending them back there any time soon. This wild animal stuff just scares me a little. Especially since where there are babies there tend to be mamas.
No, wait. I changed my mind. I love wild animals.
 Especially leopards.

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