Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Famous Last Words: I'm Bored

It's a wonder my girls survived to adulthood with me as their mother. I was pretty tough on them. They learned rather early never to say, "I'm bored." Those two words may have slipped out once, but certainly not again. Well, let's see. You could fold laundry, wash windows, write a note to someone who's lonely, OR you could read a book.
We have A LOT of avid readers in our family now.
This reminds me of a story.
One of my darlins who shall remain nameless (except she would have most certainly been chosen "Least Likely to Commit This Crime") threw a tomato at the neighbor boy who just happened
to be wearing his brand new whiter than snow polo shirt. Not any more.
Did you throw a tomato at him?
No ma'am.
How did he get covered with tomato?
He got between the tomato and the ground.
Are you lying to me?
Yes, ma'am.
So let me get this straight. You threw a tomato at him and then lied about it.
Come to think about it, where did you get a tomato?
I STOLE it out of the McHenrys' yard!!
Using my super-advanced parenting skills, I sentenced my child to solitary confinement in her room which probably made her happier than anything in recent history.
Can I read a book?
No, you may not read a book. You're not in there to enjoy yourself.
I promise if you let me read a book, I won't enjoy it.
There's so much to do now with my children's children.
There's no way we can become bored.
We can watch Louie the Lizard who lives at my kitchen window.
Yes, I let the littles stand on the kitchen counter
and on occasion
hang out the window.
Please don't tell their parents.
Or we could play hide and seek with Cannibal, the man-eating cat.
Cannibal, hey man, we're out here!
Last week I asked Mary Kelly to pick up a doll house door for me.
"Sounds like Grammy to me," commented Meg.
Paint the door with craft paint.
Glue the door to the staircase in the kitchen.
Down low where little hands can reach it.
I've got to buy a door knob tomorrow.
It's a fairy door for all manner of little creatures who would like to come in and play.
But they need something to do.
We will make them some three legged stools to sit on.
See what the newspaper says?
Working toward the future.
Yes, we are.
Poor little guy got cramps in his arms and legs
trying to negotiate the three legged stool.
Looks like an itty bitty table for tea parties would work.
Collecting sticks is de rigueur with my grandchildren.
Grandmuvver taught us you never know when you might need a good stick.
These sticks from North Carolina have been living in a grocery sack
under the skirted table in the dining room just waiting for a good project.
We used a maple leaf for the table cloth.
A twig ladder is necessary for climbing the stairs.
How about some cherry pie and a little lemonade?
The little bowl and jug can be bought at Hobby Lobby, too.
They come in little bags on the wood aisle.
It's my favorite aisle.
Gracie found the jug and bowl totally irresistible.
She ate them.
The party was halted prematurely.
And no, we are not bored.
Not one bit.

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