Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grammy's Fall Vitamin Regimen

With the change of season, a grandparent's duty is to help ensure proper nutrition for the little ones. How easy it is to see that autumnal colors remind us of the importance of well-planned meals and snacks. Have you noticed how many healthy food choices are orange?
And this one
The children catch on quickly and enjoy making their own suggestions.
Benjamin noticed immediately that this orange vegetable is made with real honey.
So these are good for you, right Grammy?
Yes, my lad.
And don't forget those autumnally colored festive drinks.
Pop maintains a complete supply of orange, red, yellow and green Fantas.
Just look how the youngsters take great pleasure in maintaining high levels of multivitamins.
Packaging and presentation make all the difference for grandchildren
who struggle with proper vitamin intake.
Here is a fool proof method for making certain your grandchildren
ingest sufficient amounts of
Vitamin C3.
Candy Corn Cones
Assemble the ingredients:
Candy corn, candy pumpkins, Milk Duds, pretzels, mini marshmallows, M&Ms,
perhaps some peanuts, chocolate or white chocolate chips,
waffle cones and chocolate bark.
Mix all ingredients other than chocolate bark in a large bowl.
Stir to incorporate well.
You may wish to break up the pretzels a little as they can prevent proper access
to all items of nutritional value.
Place waffle cones in upright drinking glasses for stability.
Fill waffle cones with mixture.
Make sure you prepare enough for all grandchildren and their friends.
In this age of entitlement we wouldn't want anyone to go without Vitamin C3.
Melt chocolate bark according to package instructions and drizzle over the top of the cone in order to prevent the inadvertent loss of any vitamins.
The chocolate also enables the stacking of additional vitamins for that extra pep in one's step
that is often needed to get through long school days.
We grandparents must do what we can to assist our adult children
in the proper care and nourishment of their young.

Once again, presentation means everything.
Wrap the Vitamin C3 cones in cellophane bags and secure with a festive ribbon.
Just look at these bright, shiny faces.
See those clear, sparkling blue eyes?
Vitamin C3
The way to happy, healthy grandchildren.